The Migra 150 zipline in Malta

75m above the sea from cliff edge to cliff edge in an outstanding area of natural beauty!

Our classic zipline remains a favourite and popular zipline, for good reason. Customers are always wanting to ride again and have studding selfie photos of their experience in this location.

Special restrictions due to COVID are in place so contact us for up to date details

Join an open day?

We run this zipline roughly once a month as a an open public session allowing you to book your rides in advance and join in the zipline fun that day.

Go ahead and Like our Facebook page and keep an eye out for the events so you can be notified of the next Migra Zipline event.

Book a private zipline?

You can book this zipline for any size group on any day for your private activity. Birthday, corporate group, school activity, stag or hen do.

Send us your message with your preferred date and number of people and let us know you want to book a private zipline.

The classic video introduction….

When you are ready to join this amazing and unique event in Malta you can book online from our shop and join us in the event day. evenbt and unique

Where is this zipline located?

Show me more videos!

Any questions?….just contact us!


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15 January 2017

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