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MC Adventure is Malta’s leading rock climbing and outdoor extreme adventure sports provider and brings together the finest outdoor adventure activities and stuff to do that Malta has to offer.

Our islands are a magnificent playground for anyone with a passion for adventures of all types. Towering cliffs, craggy hillsides, rugged landscapes and stunning views will accompany you as you explore the wild side of the Maltese islands over land, water and the vertical world.

With many years’ experience of leading adventure activities behind us, we will make your Malta adventure a nice one to remember. Each activity and course is conducted under expert guidance. Activities are flexible to suit your preferred days. Just browse through our range of activities, select the one that best suits you and we will do the rest.

Our range of adventure services in Malta are designed to capture your imagination and bring out the adventure-lover in you, as you discover a Mediterranean archipelago famed for its stunning land and seascapes, millennial history and mild climate. We have packages covering a myriad of extreme sports in Malta, including rock climbing, kayaking, kite surfing, offroad biking and trekking, and whether you are new to these sports or a practiced hand, we will always tailor-make our activities to suit enthusiasts of all ages and levels.

positive review  I had the opportunity to experience what our foreign guests enjoy out at sea. The time spent together in our crystal clear waters the past few weeks will always be cherished and treasured. Thank you MC Adventure for this unbelievable experience and the incredible moments. We loved every minute!

Louise Pullicino Avatar Louise Pullicino
6 August 2020

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