Book the only coasteering route in Malta!

A perfect mix of rugged adventure idea for groups and to discover Malta’s coastline!

The ultimate coasteering in Malta adventure challenge!

If you like coasteering adventures this is one huge ultimate challenge. A 1km coastal adventure involving many physical coasteering challenges including: Rugged paths, High level traverse, High jump into water, Low level sea traverse, Short swim, Crossing boulders, Traverse the inside of a huge cave, Tight crawl through, Partly submerged monkey wall traverse, Knee high wet and wild wall traverse, Boulder field scramble, In-water tyrolean, ending with a high traverse / climb escape from the cliff to finish.

Just a few challenges!

  • Rugged steep decent paths
  • High level traverse
  • Low and high jumps into water
  • Low level sea traverse
  • Short swims
  • Crossing boulders
  • Traverse the inside of a huge cave
  • Tight crawl through
  • Partly submerged wall traverse
  • Knee high wet and wild wall traverse
  • Boulder field scramble
  • Ending with a high rock climb escape from the cliff to finish.

You will be equipped with, wetsuit, lifejacket and helmet making sure you feel invincible as you bounce yourself from rock to water. This activity will take between 3-4 hours to complete and is ideal for groups. Most of the challenges have an easy and a harder option so you are not forced to always take the extreme route, but when you see the activity you will want to!

Super important warnings!

  • All participants must have signed a disclaimer form.
  • This amazing activity is in an extreme location.
  • This is not a beginner activity.
  • All participants must be generally fit and be able to swim 50m fully clothed.
  • All participants must be comfortable jumping into the sea from 5m.
  • All participants must be confident in sea water with swell.
  • There are only 2 exits. One 75m steep descent to the sea at the beginning and one 75m climb back to the top of the cliff. In between these exits you will be tackling 1km of rugged sea coastline.
  • You cannot walk out of the location without exertion.
  • Do not participate in this activity under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication. Ensure you advise our guides about pregnancy or medical conditions that might affect your activity.
  • You will feel amazing at the end!

Expect everything to get wet!

Whatever you bring you must expect it to get very wet! For the best experience please bring…

  • REQUIRED You will need to bring a pair of wetsuit boots or old running shoes you are happy to get wet.
  • Men should bring board shorts and t’shirt to wear over your wetsuit for that personal style (Optional).
  • Wetsuit gloves (Optional)
  • Bring a mask if you want to enjoy some of the underwater sea life and rock formations (Optional).
  • Bring a waterproof camera on lanyard (Optional).
  • Bring a drink to sip from.
  • Remember that whatever you bring you need to carry!

One not to be missed!! Back home after spending some remarkable @Malta with MC Adventure, I'm missing it already!! Andrew,Peter & Aylwyn did really ensure I had a GREAT time & ensured my return visit back to try on more adventures..considering I only try Zipline plus Rock climbing @Blue Grotto was enough for me dream on returning for more, both Blue Grotto RockClimbing & the care attention of these guys are just unforgettable, Thank you so much & hope seeing soon 🙂

Nelly Renjel Hughes Avatar Nelly Renjel Hughes
18 February 2016

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