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Terms and Conditions

All participants of MC Adventure activities must read and agree to these Terms & Conditions: 

Below are the terms which apply to all participants upon booking an activity with MC Adventure. Upon  making a booking, the participant agrees to be bound by these Booking Terms. 

A Disclaimer Form is required to be signed as an electronic version or upon arrival at the activity by  each participant, before participation in the event is permitted.  

Activities are provided by Media Consulta Malta Ltd., a company registered in Malta, with registration number C22497 and VAT Number MT1506-5407, trading as, and hereafter referred to as, MC  Adventure, with registered office at 150, Salvu Psaila Street, Birkirkara BKR 9077, Malta.

All prices stated are in Euros and include services & VAT. Prices are correct at the date of publication  but are subject to change without notice. 

There is no age limit. Participants under 18 years of age must be accompanied by a parent or  guardian, properly authorized to agree to these Booking Terms and to sign the Disclaimer form on the  minor’s behalf. 

Weight and size limits 
There are weight and size restrictions for some activities for your safety. MC Adventure reserves the  right to ask participants to be weighed prior to taking part in the activity. 

Check In 
All participants MUST check in promptly at their booked time – if participants have not arrived at their  activity on time, it shall be deemed a “no show” and their participation shall be cancelled without  refund. 

Activities are outdoors. The weather is changeable; therefore, all participants must dress according to  the weather of the day. Also, no loose clothing may be worn during the ride and long hair must be tied  back securely. 

Physical Activity 
Participation in activities usually involves a short walk-up hill along a designated walking track along  an uneven surface and may at times be wet and slippery. All participants need to be of reasonable  fitness to complete this walk. Participants must keep strictly to the designated walking track and are  not permitted to deviate from this track in any circumstances to avoid damage to the environment. 

MC Adventure’s activities are designed for participants of average mobility, fitness and strength who  are in reasonably good health. Obesity, high blood pressure, cardiac and coronary artery disease,  pulmonary problems, pregnancy, arthritis, tendonitis, prior head, neck or back injuries or other joint  and muscular-skeletal problems may impair the safety and well-being of participants; as may other medical, physical, psychological and psychiatric conditions. All or any of these conditions may  increase the inherent risks of the experience and cause the participant to be a danger to themselves or  others. 

Participants who suffer from any of the conditions or have any other underlying medical problems  acknowledge that these conditions will put them at greater risk of injury or illness during an activity  and must carefully consider those risks before choosing to participate. Participants must fully inform  the staff of the event on the Disclaimer form, prior to the beginning of the activity if they suffer from  any of the conditions or any other underlying medical conditions. MC Adventure reserves the right to  exclude any applicant from participation for medical, safety, or other reasons. 

Participants consent to receive any medical treatment which may be deemed necessary in the case of  injury, accident or illness suffered while participating in the activity and to indemnify MC Adventure  against any claims in respect of such treatment. 

MC Adventure shall refuse participation to any individual believed to be affected by alcohol or drugs  (including impairing prescription medication) and in such circumstances no refund will be provided. 

Full payment is required at the time of booking. The payment must be settled within 48 hours after  the booking, otherwise the booking will be deleted. Payment may be made online by Paypal, credit  card (Visa or MasterCard), bank transfer or cash in advance in person at our office in Birkirkara, 150  Psaila street, Media Consulta House. 

Cancellation & Amendment Policy 
Cancellation / amendment by the participant: 

  • Bookings cancelled within 48 hours of the scheduled start time of the activity are non refundable. Participants that fail to present themselves on the day of their activity (‘no show’)  will forfeit 100% of their payment. 
  • Bookings cancelled more than 48 hours before the scheduled activity time shall be refunded  or rebooked for the next event. Subject to availability such bookings may be amended once  free-of-charge. Any subsequent amendments or cancellations will be non-refundable. Cancellation by us: 

For the safety of our participants, due to inclement weather or due to events beyond our control, MC  Adventure may need to cancel an event. MC Adventure will use all reasonable endeavors to contact the  participants in sufficient time to notify them of the cancellation. In the event that we cancel an activity,  the participant will be offered either a full refund or a transfer of the booking to an alternative date  and/or time. MC Adventure is not liable in any circumstances for any costs incurred by the participant as  a result of such a cancellation. 

Baggage & other belongings 
Participants may not undertake the tour with items on their person (such as mobile phones, laptops  or tablet devices, handbags, backpacks) as these may fall or otherwise be dropped, damaged or lost.

Photography and video 
During the course of the activity, representatives of MC Adventure may make video and/or  photographic recordings that may include the participant’s voice and/or image. MC Adventure shall  have the right to use these images and related sound to its promotional material and on its social  media accounts. Should any participant wish to ban website our use of their images & sound, they  should advise us in writing. 

Personal Privacy 
Any information supplied to us will be used solely for the purpose of delivering and providing our  products or services. We will not sell, rent or otherwise make available any of your personal  information to any third-party, except as required to do so by Maltese law or by the order of any other  regulatory body. 

Notwithstanding anything else contained in these Booking Terms or the Disclaimer form, to the fullest  extent permitted by law, MC Adventure cannot accept any liability whatsoever to the participant or  any other person for any claims, losses, expenses (including legal costs), that may have been incurred  by a participant or any other party either during, or in any way related to, a participant’s participation  in the activity, including (but not limited to) any liability for: 

  • Personal injury or death; 
  • Property loss or damage; 
  • Disruption to travel plans; 
  • Acts which may be negligent or accidental; 
  • Any mental injury or any other loss, damage, suffering, emotional or nervous disorder; Any direct, indirect or consequential loss or damage of any kind including any financial loss. Notwithstanding anything else contained in these Booking Terms or the Disclaimer form, if MC  Adventure is found liable in any circumstances whatsoever, MC Adventure’s total liability is limited (to  the fullest extent permitted by law) to maximum aggregate amount of the activity price paid by the  participant. 

I understand that participation in the events or activities provided by MC Adventure could include  actions or tasks which might be hazardous to the participant(s) and that it is not covered by any form  of insurance. I assume any risk of harm or injury which might occur to the participant(s) due to  his/her/my participation in the event or activity. I release MC Adventure or its guides, employees or  subcontractors from all liability, costs and damages which might arise from participation in the event  or activity. If the participant is a minor, I agree that the minor has my consent to participate in the  event. I further provide my consent for MC Adventure to seek emergency treatment for the minor if  necessary. I agree to accept financial responsibility for the costs related to this emergency treatment. 

Participant safety instructions 
When you arrive at the activity site, you agree and understand that: 

  1. The activity site is protected by the Environment and Resources Authority. As a participant of  this activity, you have a duty of care to protect this environment.
  2. Keep the area tidy and retain your rubbish (including cigarettes) and take it home with you or  use the bags provided. 
  3. Avoid trampling and damaging wild plants. 
  4. Do not disturb or kill the local species. 
  5. Keep your vehicles on the main road or obvious parking areas. 
  6. No fires. 
  7. Avoid noise from generators and loud music. 
  8. If you came as a group, ensure you stay with your group leader and do not wander off. 9. There is a first aid kit on site. Ask a Guide. 
  9. Be aware of your surroundings and pay attention to uneven/unstable ground underfoot. 11. Stay away from the edges. Be aware of things falling. 
  10. Do not allow yourself to be exposed to the sun too much. 
  11. Stay hydrated and drink fluids 
  12. Keep loose clothing and hair tied back so it does not get trapped and remove jewelry and  items that could snag/catch on things. 
  13. Listen to the Guides and follow their instructions at all times. If you do not understand  anything, please ask.
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