Abseiling in Malta

With steep cliffs, slabs and crevasses we take you to the most spectacular places to abseil in Malta. Standing securely on the edge of a steep incline, with the rope disappearing off the edge to the bottom somewhere beneath you, your nerves are on full alert. As you lean back and commence your descent adrenaline is pumping furiously around your body and the feeling is intense!
As you continue your descent the excited feelings turn into relief and happiness at overcoming your initial fears and being in control while descending in such a stunning environment.

Abseiling in Malta with a private guide in the most amazing locations!

Book this activity if you are choosing abseiling. Our experienced guides will take you to the perfect location that suits your experience and the type of activity you are looking for. It does not matter if you are a complete beginner, we will always make sure, that you can make the best out of the session. Just…