Climb! Jump! Splash! Sea Level Traversing (SLT) the fun way to enjoy Malta’s rugged coastline

Dramatic coastline, beautiful sea, time with friends…what more can you enjoy!

Malta’s coastline is rocky with many inlets and caves. This makes Malta the ideal location for SLT traversing along the sea coast especially in the hot weather when you head for a shady stretch of coast.

Sea-level traversing in Malta allows you to experience all of the freedom of DWS but with the added advantage of a very short fall into the sea should you not be able to continue your chosen route. In the summer months when temperatures are high and the sea is a very refreshing break, you can throw yourself off the rock-face and into the cool waters of the med!

Book this activity alone or as a group for you and your friends. Our guides will choose the perfect location and difficulty to suit you perfectly. Just read our many reviews to have confidence that no-one goes home disappointed!

Our experienced sea level traversing guides will take you to the perfect location that suits your experience and the type of activity you are looking for.

It does not matter if you are a complete beginner or experienced, we will always find you the perfect level of difficulty to suit you and make sure you finish totally satisfied. Just read our many reviews!

This activity is available as a half or full day. These prices do not include transport so if you have your own transport you can meet us at the location, or we can usually offer transport on request.

5 star review  What a brilliant experience. I did the zip-wire on Saturday 19th August at Migra Fehra and thoroughly enjoyed it. At 54 years of age I thought maybe I'm going to feel a little intimidated by younger generation adrenaline junkies but no!! Everybody there were so laid back but attentive at the same time. Not once did I feel out of place. This is an experience that is a must for anyone. JUST DO IT!! The only one thing I suggest is that you take somebody with a good camera to film it for you although I recorded myself by holding my smartphone �

Eddie Dakin Avatar Eddie Dakin
21 August 2017

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