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Equipment Rental

Gri-gri incl. carabiner

The GriGri, inclusive of a carabiner, is an assisted belay device used in rock climbing to assist with rope management and safety. It features a camming mechanism that helps arrest...
Starting from: 10.00

Chalk bag

A chalk bag is a small pouch used in climbing to hold chalk. Climbers dip their hands into the bag to apply chalk, which helps absorb moisture and improve grip...
Starting from: 5.00

Bouldering crash pad

A bouldering crash pad is a thick, cushioned mat used in rock climbing for protection during bouldering activities. It's designed to be placed on the ground beneath a climber to...
Starting from: 41.00

Quickdraw set of 12

A climbing quickdraw set of 12 is a collection of pre-connected carabiners and nylon slings. It's used to quickly link a climber's rope to protection points on the climbing route....
Starting from: 16.00


A climbing carabiner is a strong, metal clip used by climbers to connect ropes, harnesses, and equipment. It has a spring-loaded gate for easy opening and closing. These carabiners come...
Starting from: 3.00

Belay device

A belay device is an essential tool in rock climbing that assists the belayer in controlling the rope during climbing activities. They play a crucial role in facilitating safe belaying,...
Starting from: 5.00


A climbing sling, also known as a runner, is a versatile piece of climbing equipment used to create anchors, extend protection, and facilitate rope management. It's typically from strong nylon...
Starting from: 5.00

Climbing shoes

Climbing shoes are specialized footwear designed to enhance a climber's grip and precision on rock surfaces.The rubber soles are specifically crafted to provide excellent friction against the rock, enabling climbers...
Starting from: 12.00


A climbing harness is an essential piece of equipment for rock climbing. It's worn around the waist and legs to provide support and safety while ascending and descending. Constructed from...
Starting from: 10.00

Climbing rope 70m

Our 70-meter climbing ropes are an essential tool for rock climbing. Made from durable nylon, it offers strength and flexibility to support climbers during ascents and descents. The 70-meter length...
Starting from: 31.00
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