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Nicola aka Nico

Nicola Gatti, known affectionately as “the Cat,” embodies the spirit of adventure and dedication in the world of climbing. Originally hailing from northern Italy, Nicola’s journey has taken him across continents, settling eventually in the picturesque landscapes of Malta. Despite his professional career in finance, Nicola’s heart beats strongest on the rock faces he scales with passion and precision. His climbing prowess speaks volumes, having conquered challenging sport routes up to 8a grade. Although not always keen on traditional climbing (trad routes), he has embraced the art of multi-pitch climbs and has left an indelible mark as a route developer. Nicola’s contribution to the climbing community in Malta is profound; he has bolted over 160 new sport routes across the island. Among these are iconic sectors like Cat’s Arches and Fearless Cave, now treasured destinations for climbers seeking new challenges and breathtaking views. Beyond personal achievement, Nicola is renowned for his altruism and dedication to the sport. His efforts in creating and maintaining routes not only enhance the climbing experience but also foster a thriving community of climbers in Malta and beyond. His meticulous approach to bolting ensures safety without compromising the natural beauty of the surroundings, earning him respect and admiration among fellow climbers. Nicola Gatti’s story is one of resilience, creativity, and a deep-seated love for exploration. His journey from engineer to financier mirrors his versatility and determination, demonstrating that true passion transcends boundaries, both geographical and professional. As he continues to explore new heights and push the limits of climbing, Nicola remains a beacon of inspiration for climbers in Malta and around Europe.

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