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Monika aka Mon

Main events coordinator and team leader

Monika has been our main coordinator of all activities since 2019, playing a pivotal role in ensuring the seamless operation of our programs. A dedicated and hardworking perfectionist, she meticulously organizes every aspect of our activities, from scheduling and transportation to managing suppliers and overseeing the entire MC Adventure team, including guides. Monika’s love for outdoor sports is evident, though her busy office schedule often keeps her behind the scenes during the weekdays. However, her passion shines through on weekends when she steps in as a guide, bringing her energy and enthusiasm to our adventures. Monika is known for her relentless drive and never-ending energy, always operating at full throttle. Her personal passions include kayaking, paddle sports, biking, and trekking, activities that reflect her adventurous spirit. Monika is an adventure hunter who thrives on exploring new places and meeting new people. She is an adrenaline and culture junkie, a nature lover, and has an insatiable addiction to sports. In her free time, Monika invests in traveling and biking, constantly seeking new experiences and challenges. This dynamic and energetic lady from Slovakia is not just a key member of our team but also our inspirational Team Leader, driving us all towards excellence.

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