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Jakub, originally from the Czech Republic, has a deep passion for children and all kinds of activities, from games and races to swimming and sports. With a natural inclination towards leadership and a warm, friendly character, Jakub excels in organizing and leading activities for kids and groups alike. His adventurous spirit is evident in his love for climbing, having conquered numerous rope courses, and his proficiency in various watersports. Beyond his personal pursuits, Jakub dedicates himself full-time to caring for children at an orphanage, where he’s affectionately regarded as a father figure by those around him. Jakub’s journey into caregiving and adventure began with two years of volunteer work in Africa, focusing on education and basic needs for children and communities. Alongside his beloved wife Barbora, who shares his passion for travel and exploration, Jakub has found a new home base in Malta since 2020. Here, they continue to embrace new adventures and enrich their lives while making a positive impact on those they encounter.

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