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Aylwyn’s journey spans continents, beginning in Ethiopia and shaping his upbringing in Germany before settling in the UK and eventually finding a new home in Malta with his whole family. His deep-seated passion for windsurfing initially drew him to the island, where he discovered a vibrant community and endless opportunities for adventure. In Malta, Aylwyn embraced his love for the outdoors by expanding his repertoire to include climbing, kayaking, and surfing. This natural progression led him to become an instructor in these exhilarating sports, allowing him to share his expertise and enthusiasm with others. His role as an instructor not only satisfies his thrill-seeking nature but also underscores his commitment to fostering a love for adventure in those around him. Beyond his active pursuits, Aylwyn finds solace in trekking, exploring the rugged landscapes that Malta and its neighboring regions have to offer. His appreciation for history enriches these experiences, as he delves into the rich cultural tapestry that Malta holds within its ancient walls and winding paths. Today, Aylwyn thrives in Malta, cherishing the island’s unique blend of natural beauty and historical significance. His adventurous spirit continues to drive him forward, whether he’s navigating the waves on a windsurfing board, scaling rocky cliffs, or imparting his knowledge as an instructor. With his family by his side, Aylwyn has found a true sense of belonging in Malta, where every day offers a new opportunity to explore, learn, and embrace life’s exhilarating adventures.

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