Fun climbing for kids birthday parties and more

Bring out the adventure for your next children’s birthday party. Rock climbing is suitable for all ages from junior to teenager. We have a wide choice of locations we can take the children depending on the activity, from easy beginners climbs to more adventurous locations. We’ll discuss and agree the perfect location with you!

star rating  fun morning to push yourself a bit and learn your limit and capabilities, very rewarding to have done this once

2 July 2021

Benefits for your kids?

  • Above all fun! Outdoors with friends using specialised equipment to challenge and support each other and what is seen as a super cool activity!
  • Teaches hand, feet and eye coordination.
  • Encourages trust and teamwork as we get all the kids involved in the activity.
  • Builds personal confidence as each child gets to explore their own limits.
  • Helps with problem solving and decision making.
  • Develop effective communication and listening skills.
  • Giving and receiving instructions.

Suitable for all ages!

We’ve taken children from as young as 3 years climbing but generally from the age of 8 upwards is the age when most children have the personal confidence and the ability to follow instructions without becoming too overwhelmed. Our guides work frequently with groups of children so you can be confident we have the right sensitivity and skills to ensure each and every child gets the personal support they need in this activity to end the session exhausted and happy!

Adventure parties…

If this activity will be a birthday party we make sure that the location is suitable for you to arrange refreshments. We’ll supply the gazebo, table and music speaker so you can bring a cake, drinks and snacks allowing the children to have the fun of a birthday party in an adventurous location and fun activity.

Not just climbing!

If you want to try other activities we don’t just do climbing! We can tailor most of our other adventure sports into a birthday party event for your kids, juniors or teens giving them a unique experience to remember.

positive review  Recently we did the zipline and the Via Ferratta. Both were challenging but so much fun!! MC Adventures are really well organised and made us feel very safe ?

Liz McDonough Avatar Liz McDonough
19 July 2020

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