Bouldering in Malta

Many many bouldering opportunities in great locations around Malta & Gozo

The islands of Malta, Gozo & Comino are entirely made up of rock. The effects of ice age and erosion has scarred the landscape leaving behind giant boulders, fractures and short crags ideal for the bouldering fanatic. Malta’s mild weather makes bouldering an ideal winter sport in Malta. More fun than the gym!

If you don’t fancy going to great heights but still enjoy the movements and physical commitment inherent in rock climbing, then bouldering is for you. A crash-pad beneath your feet will cushion any falls and a spotter will ensure you fall safely. Bouldering removes all distractions from the rock climbing equation, such as rope work and protection and focuses your efforts purely on the movements and problem solving needed to get past the next radical move…not for the faint hearted!

Staying within a few metres of the ground, you can make moves up the rock face from easy up to the most radical, technically challenging of any climbs, and all without the encumbrance of ropes, harness and protection. Bouldering is a discipline of rock climbing for the vertically challenged!

positive review  Both my boys aged 6 & 8 loved their morning kayaking session that we’ve re booked another session. Well done to the team ?

Sasha Miceli Demajo Avatar Sasha Miceli Demajo
27 July 2020

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