22m Freefall jump at Migra l-Ferha in Malta

Traverse along the wire and then let yourself fall 22m into one of Malta’s most beautiful locations!

This is not for people who scare easily or have a heart condition. This jump will frighten you. The anticipation as you near the edge of the jump…the terrified feeling of knowing you have to build up the strength to jump off…the rush of adrenaline as you leap from the edge…the amazing freefall zero gravity feeling…the relief knowing you are being slowed down…the wobbly landing as your feet struggle to keep you standing on the ground below!

We believe this is the FIRST IN MALTA so experience this yourself.

A total jump height of 22m from the famous Migra l-Ferha, as featured in Game of Thrones and other great movies. This amazing location is not to be missed and the best way to appreciate one of Malta’s great places to visit.

IMPORTANT RESTRICTIONS – Freefall jumping is extreme and not for the fainthearted. Weight range 20kg to 130kg. Do not ride if you are pregnant, suffering from a heart condition or have been diagnosed with a low or high blood pressure.

5 star review  Had a wicked time last Friday with MC Adventures. Everyone is so friendly, fun and helpful. We a had a few goes at the zip line, then headed over to abseil. After some kayaking and snorkelling. AMAZING day!!! Thank you MC Adventures 🙂

Danni Cachia Avatar Danni Cachia
19 September 2015

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